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Simu Liu’s Fake Omega Seamaster Ploprof

I believe we have a first here in Watches of the Week history. Over the three-plus years I’ve been writing this column not one celebrity has worn the awesomely funky Ploprof (a portmanteau of the French word for diver, plongeur, and professional). So shoutout to Liu, because this is one of my favorite replica watches online uk. It’s a true design weirdo: the Ploprof was made for divers and even received feedback on the look from the French diving company COMEX (also of the much-desired Rolex dials).

In an official guide meant to clarify its history, Swiss made replica Omega writes that the watch’s dial “is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of the watch.” Well, I hate to be argumentative, but I’d say the most distinctive feature of the watch is that massive button jutting out of its side. Liu’s is a luxury take on the best quality fake Omega Seamaster Ploprof, but many of the original designs feature a safe-to-push Big Red Button—how fun is that? (Pushing the button unlocks the twisty bezel, if you were wondering). That feature brings the watch fully into screwball territory and makes it a true red-carpet standout.

Jack Harlow’s Replica Rolex GMT-Master II

If there is any watch that symbolizes the “First Class” lifestyle that Harlow raps about, it’s the cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master II. The watch was built for travel: originally designed for Pan-Am employees, its pricetag and rarity means the GMT is now associated more with the folks sitting in those cushy seats at the front of the plane. Harlow is wearing the black-and-blue “Batman” version of the super clone watch for sale.
Aaron Paul’s Copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Breaking Bad cinematic universe is swelling to epic proportions lately: the show’s spin-off Better Call Saul just did a crossover episode featuring Bryan Cranston and Paul. Meanwhile, the pair attended a statue unveiling of their characters at the Albuquerque Convention Center last weekend. For the event, Paul wore one of the short-lived and highly coveted 1:1 replica Rolex Oyster Perpetuals with a ruby red dial. It just so happens that Paul’s former costar owns the exact same copy watch.

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