Best UK Fake Omega Snoopy & MoonSwatch Watches Online Aren’t Finished Yet

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Swatch & OMEGA’s highly anticipated Snoopy MoonSwatch returns less than two weeks after it first dropped, the two brands have revealed a black-dialled 2024 AAA replica Omega Snoopy MoonSwatch watches. If you missed out on Snoopy’s white MoonSwatch, pay attention.

On March 31, Swatch uploaded a video of Snoopy holding a birthday cake with two candles, one white, one black. The short clip similar to one previously shared by Swatch on February 18 prior to the first release.

That yielded Swatch and OMEGA’s ultra-popular white-colored Mission to Moonphase Snoopy MoonSwatch fake watches for sale that initially released on March 26 to rave reviews.

Now, however, it appears as if a black version of the sought-after luxury replica watches collab is about to release shortly after.

Then on April 2 Swatch uploaded another video that all but confirmed the new top copy watches’ release.

This time the video showed a solar eclipse that then transitioned into the face of a Snoopy MoonSwatch before revealing “04.08.2024” – obviously, the high quality UK replica watches‘ official release date.

This is also the date that 2024’s total solar eclipse is scheduled to arrive in North America. So given that MoonSwatch usually coincides with supermoon events, it all seemed pretty viable even before it was confirmed.

Swatch and cheap 1:1 fake Omega’s first Mission to Moonphase Snoopy MoonSwatch watches collab, which finally released on March 26 after months of excited speculation, sold out almost instantaneously at the selected Swatch stores it was actually available at and has since appeared on resell sites for almost ten times the original price.

It’s expected that the new Snoopy MoonSwatch replica watches for men will release globally across all Swatch stores and cost $310 apiece, around $30 more than their MoonSwatch releases. But hey, that’s the Peanuts effect for you!

Point is, Swatch and OMEGA’s second Snoopy release will likely sell out fast. Especially if it’s limited to just 35 units per store like the first release, rendering it virtually impossible to get a hold of.

Anyways, expect much the same from Snoopy’s new black MoonSwatch, which is already one of 2024’s most anticipated new China perfect super clone watches.

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