UK Perfect Replica Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Ref. 5738R

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When it comes to perfect fake Patek Philippe, the likes of Nautiluses and Grand Complications are perhaps the first few collections that will come to mind.

There is a lesser-known, but equally important collection, named the best 1:1 replica Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse. Second only to the Calatrava in terms of age, the Golden Ellipse is an interesting watch that features an uncommon elliptical case with dimensions that respect the golden ratio. This particular Patek Philippe fake for sale UK, which was produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the collection, features a larger case that measures 34.5mm x 39.5mm.

While the watch might be simple, the executions are pretty much perfect. From the rich ebony black sunburst dial to the onyx cabochon on the crown, AAA replica Patek Philippe managed to do the simple things right. The same can also be said for the legendary Calibre 240, which is unfortunately hidden behind a solid caseback. We have no doubts about the quality of the finishing on the movements itself, given that it is high quality fake Patek Philippe.

Priced at S$40,700 for the rose gold model, this cheap fake Patek Philippe is also paired with a matching set of cufflinks to complete the package. It may not be everyone’s top choice, but it is surely a piece that speaks a lot about the owner.

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