UK Best coolest vintage Tag Heuer replica watches in Formula 1

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Fake Heuer Carrera 1158 CHN

Few other manufacturers are as associated with motorsport as Swiss fake TAG Heuer, and the legendary Ferrari F1 team of the early ’70s received some very special watches as part of the team’s deal with Jack Heuer. In 1971, Jack presented the Ferrari pilots with solid gold Carreras (Ref. 1158 CHN), one of the most gorgeous Heuers ever created. The gold case was the tonneau iteration from the second series of cheap replica TAG Heuer Carreras, and featured a mesh Gay Freres bracelet and black “Panda” subdials.
These golden beauties cost more than the average car of their day, and featured something pretty unique engraved on the caseback: A personalisation for each driver (including, rather ominously, their blood type), which included racing icons Mario Andretti, Niki Lauda, and Jacky Ickx. They’re highly valued today, and rare, too, with only 150 high quality replica watches said to have been produced.

Replica TAG Heuer Formula 1

By the time the ’80s rolled around, top super clone TAG Heuer was in something of a slump. Quartz watches were taking the lunch money of most Swiss manufacturers, and despite offering the movements in certain models themselves, a shot in the arm was needed. Swatch came along at exactly the right time with a colourful, budget-friendly solution, and the newly remade 1:1 replica TAG Heuer would soon come up with a hit of their own: The original Formula 1.

Here was a less expensive model, decked out in all the bright colourways of auto racing, purpose-built for the New Wave future. The original F1 was a much more robust offering than anything from Swatch, with a bold, fibreglass-clad stainless case, contrasting bezel, rubber strap, and a durable quartz movement. And the kid version of yours truly now had a grail watch on his wish list. The cases were small, at 28 and 34mm, but no matter: Those eye-searing colours helped the UK AAA fake TAG Heuer Formula 1 stand out like few other watches of the day. Many variants followed in all the colours of the rainbow, with quartz chrono models soon to come.

Swiss movement replica TAG Heuer became one of McLaren’s sponsors during their ’80s heyday that saw Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, and later, Ayrton Senna driving for the team. The brightly-coloured TAGs were suddenly everywhere, and the McLaren crew sported red versions that matched the team’s trademark red and white Marlboro livery. Needless to say, hearts and minds were won worldwide, and it could be argued that the Formula 1 played a major role in turning top super clone TAG Heuer’s fortunes.

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