The Best Integrated Bracelet Fake Watches UK Wholesale, From Least To Most Expensive

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Integrated bracelet watch. These three words are rampant within the watch world and collecting community. If you have any level of interest in watchmaking, you have likely come across the terms and various designs – particularly icons like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus which have crossed over so much into the mainstream it is no longer such niche knowledge. That being said, as such a buzz phrase and trending category, there is a bit of a spectrum as to what qualifies as a true integrated bracelet replica watches for sale. For this buying guide, where we list some of the best you can buy from least to most expensive, we are working off of the “can it NATO?” rule, coined by our friends over at The Grey NATO podcast. Essentially, these are all AAA UK fake watches in which the bracelet truly integrates into the case, the manner of which prevents conventional aftermarket options from being compatible. The entries are also all pieces you can buy at an authorised retailer, some easier than others.

Replica IWC Ingenieur Automatic 40 Watches

A highly anticipated release, at Watches and Wonders 2023 the next generation of cheap 2024 replica IWC Ingenieur watches was finally introduced. Returning to a design more in line with Gerald Genta’s original vision when it first launched in 1976, the renewed Ingenieur Automatic 40 presented a wrist-friendly Ingenieur that notably upgraded to a five-day automatic movement and a grid-textured dial that IWC felt better conveyed the high tech feel and origins of the Swiss made copy watches – born to resist against the effects of magnetism. At 100 metres water-resistant with a screw-down crown, it is more than equipped to adventure into water. Within the steel range, there are three dial colours, and on top of that, there is a titanium configuration with a grey dial that results in a highly monochromatic look. Price: US$11,700 (in steel), US$14,600 (in titanium)

Fake Hublot Big Bang Integrated Time Only Sky Blue Ceramic Watches

There are now a ton of integrated bracelet replica watches online from Hublot to explore, but, whereas for others on this list, I have showcased collections as a whole, here I want to hone in on a single model: the Big Bang Integrated Time Only Sky Blue Ceramic. Don’t blame Hublot, as they call it “Sky Blue”, but in a world where Tiffany Blue-incorporating watches are red hot, I think we can all agree this watch does a great job of scratching the itch. Hublot is objectively a master of coloured ceramics, and I have never seen another brand execute ceramic in this blue hue. The ceramic is finished well, and the bevelled edges of the case and bracelet links blended with the brushed surfaces are incredibly handsome in the “metal”. Inside the 40mm high quality super clone watches you have Hublot’s take on the Zenith Elite movement, and yet, all in all, the watch is priced very fairly comparable to its competitors from brands such as Audemars Piguet. Price: US$20,800

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin Replica Watches

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, first launched in 1972, hardly requires any introduction. It is the Genta design that not only birthed the luxury steel trend, but also would initiate the integrated bracelet craze. There is a vast number of luxury replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches to explore today, but the model closest to the OG is the Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin. Its octagonal bezel is so iconic that any brand using such a bezel form is accused of riding its coattails, and the same could be said for its bracelet design. Many would proclaim the Royal Oak to have the finest-finished case and bracelet of any watch today, and I would be inclined to agree – or at the very least not be able to safely refute. Price: starting at US$36,000 (in steel)

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G Fake Watches

A perfect segue, no integrated bracelet watch list would be complete without mentioning Genta’s second legendary design from 1976: the Patek Philippe Nautilus. While it was widely considered to be the most sought-after watch in the world, Patek Philippe stunned the world when they discontinued the coveted 5711/1A – bowing out from the catalogue at the peak of its hype. Uninterested in making simple time and date top 1:1 replica Patek Philippe Nautilus watches anymore in steel (excluding the 7118), Patek would later introduce a white gold successor: the 5811/1G. At this stage, it is the only modern Nautilus that largely harkens to the original aesthetic. It is a shame that the entry price for a 5811 is above US$70k, but then again, how many of us, regardless of retail price, can actually expect to ever get an allocation for one? And, the 5811/1G at retail is still less expensive than sourcing a 5711/1A on the secondary market – again, if you somehow magically get an allocation. Price: US$70,110

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