Remember These Three Points, Make The Maintenance Of The Diamond Replica Watches

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Whether with a little diamonds or all the diamonds, the dazzling diamond watches always can catch your eyes, and also let the wearer easily become a focus. But the diamond copy watches also have the maintenance problems, such as fear of diamond off, dim, shelter evil and practices the gap, how to handle this kind of situation?

diamond replica Rolex

diamond replica Rolex

Do not engage in strenuous exercise

Even the watches from the famous brand companies, the strenuous exercise could still lead to fall off diamonds. Therefore, although the original factory usually marched the strict tests to the watches, it is better to avoid strenuous exercise for the wearers.

Avoid contact with oil

Diamond has the lipophilicity, that should try to avoid contact with oil, so as not to affect the diamond gloss. And the long time wearing will cleave the body’s fat, making the luster of diamonds to darken, then we have to clean.

Sending to the professional institutions

In addition to the diamond easily affected by oil become dim, also easy to accumulate the gap Mosaic was buried sewage, so when wearing for a long time that need to be cleaned. And the precise structure of the fancy fake watches also should be remembered to find professional institutions laundry!

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