Introducing Look Up! UK Best Replica IWC’s New Mark XX – The One We’ve Been Waiting For (Now With An In-House Movement)

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What We Know
Swiss replica IWC UK, known for its immediately identifiable Pilot’s Watch line, has very subtly released a brand new addition to its Mark collection – which takes inspiration from the original Mark XI. This is the Mark XX, the apparent successor to the perfect fake IWC Mark XVIII (though we never did get that Mark XIX). This new watch is an improvement in several ways over the XVIII. At a quick glance, you might think you’re seeing the same watch. Look again. AAA fake IWC has addressed the design and legibility of the dial (including the date window), as well as the capability of both the case and movement.

It measures the same 40mm in diameter as the former model (which is still available from perfect replica IWC) and has the same identifiable matte black dial and stark white legible numerals. The first change is located right at three o’clock. That’s where the date window has been redesigned from almost hidden black-on-black, to a now white background. This keeps the overall symmetry consistent with the white numerals.

The second change is the text on the lower half of the dial. Where it once read XVIII, it now reads XX. But that’s sort of an obvious change. Moving back to the top of the dial, the UK luxury fake IWC logo has been shifted upwards a bit bringing it closer to the classic triangle. In fact, all of the numerals on the dial appear to have been shifted closer in toward the center of the watch.

While the case diameter is the same, the case itself has been made thinner (though it still has the same soft-iron inner case to protect the movement from the effects of magnetic fields). The best 1:1 fake IWC XVIII had an 11mm case height whereas this one is now 10.8mm in diameter. It’s that change that signals something new under the hood. That would be the Swiss movement copy IWC in-house 32111 calibre with 120 hours of power reserve.
That’s not all. This 40mm icon is now rated to 100m of water resistance, which represents a 40m increase over the Mark XVIII. Capping off all of this newness is the inclusion of cheap replica IWC‘s quick-change, EasX-CHANGE strap system. The new model, with all of these updates, will set prospective buyers back $750 more than the Mark XVIII at $5,250 and only comes on a strap for now in both black and blue dial variations.

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