Have You Heard These Stories Of Replica Watches Brand Logo?

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There are a lot of Swiss watch brands such as Rolex, Omega and so on. While today we will not introduce these quite famous brands. We will focus on these discount brands for you which also have a long history. So let us firstly explore their logo of fake watches with mechanical movements.

  • Zenith

The logo of Zenith originated from a walk under the stars which sounds a little romantic. In 1865, only 22 years old Georgios Fargher Jakot established the first watchmaking workshop and firstly created a senior watchmaking concept. At a quiet night, young and promising him walking in the sky, looking up, saw a huge system of celestial motion around the North Star operation which reminded him of the gear around the axis of operation. Georgios Fargher Jakot thought it was a mysterious revelation from the universe. Thus, he used a star as a symbol of the brand, representing the supremacy of the brand in the future, but also indicating that the Zenith copy watches with silver dials will be under the guidance of the stars, out of a bright road.

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  • Tudor

Tudor brand name is derived from the British Royal, a glorious history of Tudor dynasty. As for the logo has been a series of change, the rose used early is also linked to British history, from the famous battle for the throne “ Rose War”. Later it evolved into a shield with a rose, and later become a hard shield which represents reliable quality of Tudor.

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