Blue Leather Strap Replica Harry Winston Project Z10 Watches Specially Designed For You

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As the king of diamonds, Harry Winston diamonds, its watch is not as strong imagination for jewelry inlaid, instead tripping framework, introduced many non-traditional complex works, like many independent watchmaker when cooperated with Opus; On the other hand, in 2004, the birth of the first replica Harry Winston Project Z, also become the magnum opus of the steel case fake Harry Winston.

Blue Leather Strap Replica Harry Winston Project Z10 Watches

This year, Harry Winston launched the new blue scale copy Harry Winston Project Z10, inspired by grand architectural masterpiece of early iron age which located in Manhattan Bridge in New York, case is made of the Zalium ™ which Harry Winston specially owns, as for the dial that is of electrochemical aluminum structure, and also with unique modern aesthetic feeling.

steel case Replica Harry Winston Project Z10 Watches

From Project series brand features, Project Z10 face plate with eccentric when the minute hand, located at 4 o ‘clock and eight o ‘clock position, instructions and 30 seconds, respectively is week retrograde, as for the middle to hollow out structure design, light gray zirconium alloy ™ case with blue dial framework in sharp colour contrast, make Project Z10 wrist watch times add glamour.

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